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If you've been in agriculture for any amount of time, you already know it takes money. Operating costs, equipment replacement, capital improvements and expansion all require a source of funding that the average farmer may not have readily available. That’s where we come in.

River Valley AgCredit has been lending money to rural Kentucky and Tennessee for decades. We have partnered with thousands of farmers to build and grow their businesses, and we can help you too. We have a wide range of lending options that provide the flexibility to meet your individual needs.

We don't sell checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs or trust services. We don't require compensating balances when you establish a long-term loan with us. Our job is to provide credit to rural America. What type of loan do you need? We can service just about any loan under the sun:

Equipment and Farm Improvement Loans

Upgrade or replace inefficient equipment and take advantage of dealer cash discounts by financing through River Valley AgCredit. Once you receive approval on your loan request, a full array of flexible terms and interest rates are available.

Operating Loans

Revolving and annual lines of credit are available to farm owners and operators. Payment schedules can be established to conform to your income from crop or livestock sales. An operating loan may allow you to run your spread more efficiently through cash discounts, locked in prices and tax benefits.

Automobile and Personal Loans

We provide loans for cars or trucks, college tuition or just about any credit need for farm owners and operators. As with our other loans, payment schedules can be tailored to coincide with your income.

Want to start the application process or just need more information? Contact us today and we can help get the ball rolling.


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We also offer home loans!

Fixed rate home mortgages are available with several maturities. Visit our home mortgages page for more information.

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We now offer Farm Credit EXPRESS.

Your key to easy equipment financing. Learn more by clicking the link.

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Loan Calculator

Do the math to see what your payment might be, based on the duration and size of your loan. View our calculator.